Awakening Coalition

revive. REform. REcover. 

Our First Step of Action

This is one of the Awakening Coalition's first steps in our action. Our class alerts, informs, and equips believers in order to become mobilized with our coalition.
The Awakening Action Class is a movement that awakens courageous leaders to restore America and the Church through reformation and revival. Our mission is to create a culture of revival that empowers courageous leaders to bring restoration and reformation to the Church and to the Nation. 

Awakening Coalition

Revive the church. Reform the culture.
Recover our identity as "One Nation Under God."

our vision

Bridge the gap between denominations, parties, races, genders, and generations by linking arms to stand as a united front and safeguard our communities and cities against woke indoctrination and extreme liberal agendas, biblically and lawfully.

our purpose

To alert, inform, equip, and mobilize brand new breeds of believers who are courageously unperfect and fearlessly on purpose in order to revive the church, reform the culture, and recover our identity as "One Nation Under God".

our model

We are supported by and follow Family Research Council's community impact format which gives us the tools, resources, and models in order to give our coalition these four responsibilities:
Alert. Inform. Equip. Mobilize. 

our action

Along with our Awakening Action Class, we have developed 10+ action teams readied and skilled to target key social and moral issues.
Our collective cause is to guard and defend religious freedom, freedom of speech, and our innocent.

"All that is required
for evil to triumph
is for good men
to do nothing."

Our Action Teams' Goals

Following the Family Research Council's community impact model, our action teams are readied and skilled to target key social and moral issues. 
  1. Alert members when prayer and action are needed. 
  2. Equip coalition members as to how they can engage these issues.
  3. Inform your church and community about critical moral and social issues needing immediate action.
  4. Mobilize members in various forms of action with the goal of making a positive impact and bringing change for the greater good of our community. 

Meet Our Action Teams.

Pro-Life Agenda & Lgbtq+ Movement

Andelyn Woods
Working to preserve the next generation's freedoms from
the womb to the workplace. Fighting against indoctrination, sexualization, and medicalization of children.

Election Integrity

Cathy Vaught
Working to advocate, educate, & protect voters and their rights. Lobbying for safer and more secure voting systems.

PRayer On Location

Joyce Vandiver 
Working to get believers activated in prayer for our communities & country
by corporate prayer & intercession at specific locations in need.

Borders &
Racial Issues

Rachel Koontz
Working to educate and protect our country by advocating for our
education, culture, and U.S. borders.


Jenny Rada & Kris Wormold
Working to alongside action team leads to promote, plan, and market events with the intent of supporting a cause & educating the coalition. 

Public Relations

April Loftin & Jessica Whelan
Working to market and publicate our coalition's current causes and events. Increasing awareness of our initiatives through media releases and word-of-mouth campaigns.  

business & Economics

Jennifer Jackson
Working to protect the free market, educate on left corporations, &
partner with Patriotic Christian 
business owners. 

health & Medical

Todd & Lisa Scimeca
As licensed nurses, this team will educate and equip citizens with their COVID-19 protocols, resources, and
experience in order to protect 
our lives and medical freedoms. 

Schools: k-12

Jennifer Merrill
As a No Left Turn Chapter President, this team will educate and activate
parents as well as advocates for policies that protect the next generation's futures, education, and freedoms. 

Christian Pop Culture  & Israel Watch

Becca Reynolds &
Kevin & Toni Leslie
Working to educate and inform believers about Israel & how to advance the kingdom in Christian pop culture. 

local government

Jessica Whelan
Working to inform and activate citizens on their local government races and offices in order to educate & empower local voters to get involved.

Schools: college

Dave & Salli Varney
As a No Left Turn Chapter President, this team will educate and activate
parents as well as advocates for policies that protect college students' futures,  educations, and freedoms. 

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