Revive. Reform. 

 A movement that awakens courageous leaders to restore America and the church through reformation and revival.

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Fall 2022 starts Wednesday, September 21


rouse from sleep; to raise up.


to return to life; to recover life or strength; to live anew.


to put into a new and improved form or condition; to restore corrupt manners or morals.

What to Expect

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Our Mission

The School of Awakening is a movement that awakens courageous leaders to restore America and the Church through reformation and revival. Our mission is to create a culture of revival that empowers courageous leaders to bring restoration and reformation to the Church and to the Nation. 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is the leadership training process for Courageous Community Church. The courses equip students to know their God-given purpose, to have an unshakeable identity, and to advance the Kingdom of God in the Seven Mountains of Influence including Education, Religion, Family, Business, Government, Media, and Arts/Entertainment.   

Our Students

Our students are courageous leaders who are ordinary people from every class and race who are convicted to answer the call to ignite revival in the church and to champion reformation for the nation. 

Our application

 The awakening is produced by active participation in a revival culture that is saturated in the presence of God, a deep study from the Bible, and a conscientious review of history. The goal is to empower leaders with real spiritual encounters and relevant information that equips them to make a notable difference in the local community. 

Meet our Awakening Team.

Phillip Fields

Founder & Leader
The lead pastor of Courageous Community church, husband to Darlena, and father of 4. Having over 3o years in ministry and counseling experience, Phillip is a father to leaders. With a passion for revival, he has co-authored and teacher of the exclusive "Revive" course.

Darlena Fields

Co-Founder & Leader
With over 30 years of ministry and coaching experience, Darlena is a passionate breakthrough coach. One of the lead pastors at Courageous Community Church, wife to Phillip, and mom of 4. Along with her husband, she wrote and teaches the exclusive "Revive" course.

KEvin Koontz

Co-Founder & Leader
Husband to Rachel and father of 4. With over 25 years as worship and youth leadership experience, Kevin and Rachel have a long history as Christian media hosts of radio and podcasts. Along with his wife, Rachel, he teaches the exclusive "Reform" course at the school. 

Rachel Koontz

Co-Founder & Leader
As a mom of 4 and wife to Kevin, she authored the "Reform" course exclusively taught at school. Rachel and Kevin have over 25 years in worship, youth & children's ministry and Christian media. Rachel authored and teaches the exclusive "Reform" course at the school.

Awakening Curriculum 

Phillip and Darlena both have written and teach this course.
This course is based on the first and second Great Awakening that took place in America.
Each week students will learn how courageous figures in history advanced spiritual revivals during critical moments and how their God-given strategies can be applied in the modern world.
This course is written by Rachel Koontz and she teaches it alongside her husband, Kevin Koontz. Designed to help learners find their part in the Next Great Awakening of America. 12 part action class exploring what God has done through the United States and what He would like to continue doing through us! Together, we will hear Him on a local issue that needs reformation, and we will spend class time reforming it.

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